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QUESTION : Why does this site exist ?

As a forum to share and exchange information with fellow collectors.

 Please take a moment to NOTE the following : !!!

1. I am NOT selling toys here !!  When I sell them I do it under the name MYSTERON on Ebay ( don’t be afraid to take a look !

 So PLEASE do NOT email me asking to buy

some of these toys !

2. MY definition of a playset is a mini or micro playset (usually ‘clamshell’ style )  that is Self-Contained ( in other words .... you can close it all up and it traps all of the loose parts inside ) and has some sort of figure or object represented by the closed playset ..  I know there are plenty of other playsets around that are all open environments and have tons of loose pieces you can keep ziplock bagged together but I don’t collect those .

3. Please , Please , PLEASE help me ! I am just one person whose love for Mighty Max playsets drove him to collect all the playsets I could find , but I know I must have missed some !  If you have any information or pictures to share please contact me so I can include them in the next  site update . Also, if you notice any typos or spelling errors please clue me in .

4. Have fun collecting !

5. Well, what are you waiting for !? Start clicking !

Guy  - AUG - 2007